High school girl.

I am who I am. By hook or by crook, Im gonna face Spm this year, the sexayy 2013. Lol :>

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A journey. Journey that sometimes broke our heart. Everybody heart. I just don't know what is your real problems. You guys. It's not my fault. Im not asking  for that. I ve tried my best. Everyday I say Hye, Hello , How are you and I am the one who usually starts the conversation, the one who sometimes being ignored because you guys preferred to let me be myself instead of talking to me. Fine. I act like I dont care. I kept everything by myself. Alone. Because I dont want to tell anybody about you guys. About how you treat me. About the feeling being ignored. However I have to go on or tbh move on . Because..............

a long journey to no where to wherever sound so nice without sounds. That's what I tried to do. But I cant. I failed myself with tears, I cried. One fine day, maybe we just have to say goodbye. Goodbye for everything that we have built.

       Sincerely me , Syahirah.